• Bending Property Armored Dredging Hose

    Armored Hose is used in dredging project and assorting with the pipe line,it is applicable for transporting the object which has sharp interface, bigger volume,heavy specific gravity,such as coral...
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  • New Type Tapered Floating Hose

    1.Good wear resistance of the inner layer.
    2.Colored indicator in the inner layer.
    3.Outer cover with excellent abrasion resistance and UV protection
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  • Preventing Water Absorption Floating Rubber Hose

    High quality flexible offshore marine dredging floating Hose floating hose for dredging Our hoses have good performance in resistance of corrosion, high pressure, bending and abrasion.
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  • Safety to Use Suction Rubber Hose

    The suction hose is used with dredger for silt/gravels conveyance. It sucks up the mixture of silt and water using negative pressure.
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  • Excellent Prevent Ageing Performance Discharge Hose

    Steel flange discharge hose is mainly used for dredger in waterway dredging project which will transport the silt and gravels, and the pipe line is always established between two pieces of the hose.
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  • Super Cell Dock Fender

    1.SUPER CELL RUBBER FENDERS Super Cell Fender is improved over the ordinary type. It is the most commonly used fender in the world.Cell fenders are best employed for small or large vessels where...
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  • Super Cell Marine Wharf Fender

    3.SUPER CELL RUBBER FENDERS Can support large panels and can be used for large docks. Low reaction force and favorable energy absorption ability. Can be moulded(costs count on customers).
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  • Super Cell Rubber Fender System

    SUPER CELL RUBBER FENDERS High force absorption and long usage life. Super cell fenders are high technical products developed to substitute common cell fenders.
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  • Cell Fender with Reasonable Design

    SUPER CELL RUBBER FENDERS More reasonable structure. High E/R.H value. Suitable for large wharf. Super Cell Fender is improved over the ordinary type. It is the most commonly used fender in the...
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  • Super Cone Rubber Fender for Boat

    CONE FENDERS Cone Fender has the highest energy absorption and lowest reaction force of any fender type. The high efficiency makes it has excellent performance and less costs.
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  • Direct Sale Cone Rubber Fender

    CONE FENDERS Cone rubber fender is the 3rd generation of cell type rubber fender, long life duration, can reduce the cost of the talent cone type rubber fender (marine dock fender).
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  • Dock Jetty Super Cone Fender

    CONE FENDERS All Cone Fenders are single piece mouldings so they are robust, long lasting and easy to install. 1.High energy absorption and low reaction force; 2.Easy and fast for installation;...
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