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The Same Specification Of The Transmission Network Chain Why The Price Is Different?
Jun 08, 2018

I believe that many users have such questions, the market seems to be the same specifications of the transmission network chain, why the price is not the same? The following small series gives you an analysis of the price factors of the conveyor chain:

Referring to the price of the transmission chain, one has the ability to produce sufficient stainless steel mesh belts. Without explanation, one can know that there are naturally higher prices for stainless steel mesh belts in formal enterprises. Second, the use of stainless steel mesh belt environment, humidity, temperature, acid and alkali content, degree of pollution, there is no toxicity, indoor or open-air work, the use of these stainless steel mesh belt details are affecting its price factor. Third, there is an important factor that is the material of the stainless steel mesh belt. Different prices of materials will be very different, such as stainless steel is also divided into a variety of stainless steel 201, 304, 316, 316L.

The fourth is the size of the parts of the stainless steel mesh belt. Stainless steel mesh belts are slightly different in size, and the prices vary considerably, such as wire diameter, pitch, pitch, width, etc. of the mesh belt.

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