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Several Ways Of Using Cleaning Machine Net Chain In Cleaning Equipment
Jun 08, 2018

In the long course of use, the washing machine chain will inevitably contain some residues of the conveying materials. It is difficult to clean, especially the stainless steel chain in the food machinery. It will pollute the food for a long time, so today Xiaobian is everyone. Recommend several ways to clean machine chains.

The first kind: high-pressure spray cleaning

High-pressure spray cleaning is mainly based on the effect of high-pressure water sprayed by the spray head, which removes the dirt attached to the stainless steel mesh chain.

Second: bubble cleaning

The bubble-type cleaning method is to make the air enter into the water, continuously stir the clean water and burst a lot of air bubbles, and the cavitation effect of the appearance of the object to be cleaned causes the object to be cleaned to be clean and clean.

The third kind: brush cleaning

Brush-type cleaning method is through the direct touch of bristles and water materials, so that the material surface of the dirt removed by cleaning, this type of cleaning method is suitable for potato, radish and other root vegetables clean.

Fourth: roller conflict cleaning

The collision-cleaning roller of the drum is submerged in the water and the material is placed in a screen type drum. Because of the rolling effect of the roller, collisions occur between the material and the material and between the material and the roller, so that the material surface mud is removed and cleaned. This type of cleansing has the effect of peeling, and the cleanable vegetables have limitations.

Fifth: Ultrasonic Cleaning

The ultrasonic cleaning method is to inject millions of tiny vacuum bubbles in the liquid. These bubbles rapidly and massively attack under the effect of sound pressure, and they continuously and strongly explode, sending out strong pressure and negative pressure and sucking away the objects. The appearance of the object to be cleaned does not cause physical damage. This method is used to clean vegetables, and the skills are not yet complete, because the ultrasound will not have adverse effects on vegetables for further study.

Stainless steel mesh chain is generally divided into common type, reinforced type, balanced type, combined balance type, herringbone type, double strand balance type, chain transmission mesh belt, B type mesh belt and so on.

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