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Multilayer Chain Conveyor Belt Drying Application Industry
Jun 08, 2018

In the realization of the production process, we make the conveying equipment and often encounter problems in the venue. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of one-sided space, the stainless steel chain conveyor can be made into a multi-layer structure.

The common multi-layer chain conveyor belt is used in the drying industry. Due to the large output required for drying, the effective width of the stainless steel chain plate is usually more than 1.5m, and the transmission speed is very slow, usually only 1-3m. /min. Therefore, it is very important to choose the stainless steel chain plate with suitable specifications. It is necessary to satisfy the load-bearing of the stainless steel chain plate, and to achieve the process satisfaction in the drying process. The strength and air permeability of the punched chain plate are guaranteed.

The stainless steel chain plate is widely used in drying equipment. Its weather resistance and acid and alkali resistance are good, and its corrosion and rust will not occur. And the material of stainless steel 304 can be food grade, direct contact with the material to ensure food safety level.

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