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Introduction To The World's Four Major Gel-producing Ports
Nov 29, 2018

Port of Thailand:

BANGKOK (BANGKOK) : port code THBKK, Thailand's first commercial port.

Located in the middle of the country, the lower chao phraya river, near the bay of Bangkok.

LEAM CHABANG: port code THLCB, Thailand's first international container loading and unloading port.

The port is almost connected to the northern port of tachai.


PHUKET: port code THPHU.

SONGKHLA: port code THSON, commercial port of Thailand.

Located in the south of the Malay peninsula east coast of jianhu estuary, port city northeast, near the gulf of Thailand.

Port of Malaysia:

PINANG: also known as "qiaoye city" : located in the sand tsui at the northeast corner of penang island, it is located at the north mouth of the strait of malacca and the west coast of the strait of penang.

The harbour is deep enough to berth a great ship.

PORT KELANG: located in the west coast of the Malay peninsula and the mouth of the hambasong river, 40 kilometers east of Kuala Lumpur, formerly known as "ruitianxian PORT", formerly known as the largest PORT in Malaysia, PORT KELANG has a broad hinterland and is the main export PORT of wood, palm oil and rubber in the country. It imports steel, fertilizer, wheat, rice, chemical products and other products.

The estuary is shielded by islands. It is divided into two ports, 4.8km apart. The deep-water anchorage opposite the north port can berth 20 seagoing ships at the same time.

PASIR GUDANG: the new commercial port of Malaysia is located in the southeast of the Malay peninsula in the west of the country, on the northeast coast of johor strait. To the south, it faces Singapore's sanbawang port area across the strait. To the west, it is 10 nautical miles away from xinshan (johor baru) city.

The ship enters the port from the east mouth of johor strait, and the depth of entry channel is more than 12.5 meters.

MELAKA: port on the southeast coast of the strait of malacca.

Maximum draft 10.36 meters, load density of water 1025.

Tidal range of about 1.83 meters, prevailing southwest and northeast monsoon.

Indonesian ports:

BELAWAN: port code IDBLN, commercial port of Indonesia.

Located on the northwest coast of the west Sumatra island on the strait of malacca.

JAKARTA: port code IDJAK, capital.

SEMARANG: port code IDSEM, commercial port of Indonesia.

Located in the middle of the north coast of Java island, north of the port, near the Java sea.

TANJUNG PRIOK: port code IDTPR, outside Jakarta, Indonesia.

Located in the northwest of central Java island, northeast of the port city, on the Java sea.

SURABAYA: port code IDSUR.

PALEMBANG: port code IDPAL Indonesian commercial port.

Located in the west of the country, Sumatra, southeast of the lower reaches of the mossi river.



TELUK BAYUR: commercial port of Indonesia.

Located in the west of the country on the southwest coast of Sumatra in the middle of the waist, southeast of padang city, padang city is the sea portal, near the Indian Ocean, is the largest port on the west coast of Sumatra island.

Port of Vietnam:


Commercial port, located in the north-central yijing province capital rong city southeast suburb of the left bank of the lower reaches of the lanjiang river, about 10.8 nautical miles from the estuary, adjacent to the beibu bay in the south China sea.

HAIPHONG port: code VNHPG, commercial port of north Vietnam.

Located in the east coast of the capital inland river, near beibu bay.

HONGAY port: code VNHGY.

Commercial port, located in the north guangning province south end of the xiaolong bay east coast port city west, near the north gulf of the south China sea.

QUY NHON: code VNQUN, Vietnam commercial port, opened in 1874.

HANOI port: code VNHAN, located in the north of Vietnam, the northwest of the red river delta, the right bank of the red river and the confluence of the red river and dun river.


Located in the central coast of Vietnam on the west coast of the han river estuary, nanyang bay near the south side.

Ho chi minh PORT: three different terminals: TAN CANG PORT, code VNTAN;


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