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How To Regularly Maintain The Chain Conveyor Belt
Jun 08, 2018

Our good partner chain conveyors also have something in common with humans. It takes a long time to clean and maintain. Therefore, we treat the chain as carefully as we do for our children. Regular cleaning and maintenance work must not be slack, so that he can better serve us! Then how to clean and maintain the chain you need to follow the footsteps of Xiaobian to explore.

After working for a period of time on the chain conveyor belt, it is usually necessary to perform certain cleaning work on it. The line body can be flushed directly with the surface of the equipment. In order to maximize the service life of the baffle chain plate, maintenance and maintenance are the kings. In short, the motor of the power section needs to be replaced in a timely manner for about one year, so as to ensure that the motor is in an optimal operating state and reduce internal losses. After the baffle plate is used, it is necessary to turn off the power in a timely manner and clean the surface of the device for a period of time. When the use of the baffle chain plate needs maintenance, it should be maintained by professional equipment personnel, and non-related personnel should not perform it, so as to avoid unnecessary economic losses and safety accidents. If everybody operates according to the above knowledge, certain baffle chain plates will be cleaned and maintained, which will result in a longer service life.

About chain cleaning and maintenance precautions Xiaobian to introduce here, in short, one sentence is to treat the chain as a friend to solve the problem as a timely solution, do not wait until the problem out of control and then come up with ideas. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance work must be in place.

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