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Chain Conveyor Inspection Considerations
Jun 08, 2018

First, the chain plate conveyor body correction butt, determine the level, vertical and then welding or fastening bolts;

Second, the convergence of the track, the smoothness of the orbital connection point is the key point to determine the level of the conveyor belt surface and noise, must be solid, no bump;

Third, the leveling of the entire machine, after the docking of the whole machine must be adjusted one by one, we must do the machine belt conveyor parallel and horizontal. In order to lengthen the length of conventional conveyors, the length of conventional conveyor belts is generally between 3m and 10m. With the lengthening of automated production lines, many environmental belt conveyors have to be lengthened. , It can not complete the machine can only be installed after the sub-segment installation, in summary, these are the belt conveyor conveyor belt docking notes, I hope you have some understanding.

 The main issues that need attention in the docking of the chain plate conveyor are these. We must perform the correct operation according to the instructions. Only in this way can the performance be fully displayed. More information about the chain conveyor will continue to be organized for everyone. , Welcome to consult in time.

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