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2017 Global Maritime Fender Market Development Status And Future Market Overview
Dec 04, 2018

Maritime fender is installed on the wharf or ship to absorb collision energy between the ship and the wharf or ship when berthing or mooring, so as to protect the ship and the wharf from damage.

Generally, rubber maritime fender can be divided into three categories according to the structure: solid rubber fender (non-floating), inflatable fender, foam fender.

Solid rubber fender (non-floating type) is an anti-collision equipment for wharf ships with an early history and a wide range of applications.

According to the force of rubber fender, it can be divided into shear type, rotary type and compression type.

According to the structure of fender, solid rubber fender can be divided into d-type fender, tapered fender, drum fender, fan-shaped fender, rectangular fender and cylindrical fender.

The inflatable rubber fender USES compressed air as the medium to consume collision energy through the work done by compressed air.

Foam-filled fender is also called solid polyurethane fender, and the buffering medium inside is mainly closed-hole foaming material, such as foamed EVA, foamed polyurethane and foamed rubber.

Today, when science and technology change the mode of productive forces, the world industrial production pattern is still undergoing great changes.

Maritime fender downstream has been widely used and the technology has been relatively mature, but as a common product in the field of shipping, it is less likely to be eliminated by the substitute industry in the future.

For the global maritime fender industry, the largest market share is led by several giants.

With a market share of 11.43% in 2016, tripleburg is the leader in the maritime fender industry, followed by bridgestone and sumitomo rubber.

On the whole, the number of enterprises involved in the maritime fender industry is large, and the prices vary greatly according to the downstream application fields.

From 2012 to 2016, the overall development of maritime fender market is stable, and the regional market is relatively stable. China has always occupied the largest market share. According to statistics of Qyresearch, the scale of China's maritime fender market is about 200 million us dollars by the end of 2016.

The development of China is obvious to all, and the development of corresponding fields has driven the huge demand of maritime fender industry.

Maritime fender over the past few years more and more on the design of domestic manufacturing enterprises, Qingdao engineering rubber co., LTD., yantai tai hong rubber co., LTD., zhenjiang with rubber co., LTD., Qingdao shield days rubber co., LTD., Qingdao yongtai rubber co., LTD., jiangsu sirt zhaoyuan is Thai shimron, plastic chemical industry co., LTD., jiangyin hengsheng rubber products co., LTD.

Due to its price advantage, many Chinese companies have exported their products to Europe and the United States.

In the next five years, maritime fender products will continue to serve the rapid development of society with more advanced technology and wider application fields, and the industry competition will become more intense.

The core competitiveness of future maritime fender production enterprises is still technology.

Breaking the monopoly of high-end products or occupying the market in specific application fields will be the top priority of leading the industry.

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