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What is the use of the gangway rubber fender
Aug 20, 2018

Roll rubber fenders are planned for shipyards, ro-ro - loading docks and other occasions for binding ship berthing excursions.

Roll rubber fender first characteristics when the ship berths (contact), can roll and 20% deformation, absorb some impact energy.

Purpose: the rolling rubber fender USES roll and contraction deformation (rubber) to absorb the impact energy of the ship. When the ship berths or moves the ship, the rolling rubber fender can roll with the ship moving, and then ensure the safety of the wharf and the ship.

Roll rubber fender is suitable for use in shipyard, dockyard, ro-ro ship dock, dock Angle and request to bind ship movement direction and berthing speed.

Characteristics of the

A. The fender (roller) rolls on the three shafts, which can bind and reduce the working speed of the ship and is conducive to the ship's safety mooring;

B. The compression deformation can be up to 40%, more than double the energy absorption of the traditional rolling fender;

C. Because the roll rubber fender is able to roll with the movement of the ship, the ship and the fender do not have sliding friction, so it is not easy to damage the paint of the ship

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