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Selection of Marine inflatable rubber fender materials
Dec 13, 2018

Marine inflatable rubber fender is widely used in ships, Marine facilities, offshore platforms, ports, docks, yachts and other berthing, as a buffer, absorb the impact of the ship of the role of plasticizer is a thiophenol rubber fender plasticizer, suitable for natural rubber, synthetic rubber plasticizer.Using this plasticizer can improve the plasticity and plasticizing efficiency of rubber plasticizing, shorten plasticizing time by about one third, save energy and improve labor production efficiency.In the manufacturing process, it is very common for parts to stick and fit with each other.Unvulcanized adhesive adhesion between the general use of hot adhesion method, because the adhesive material in hot adhesion generally has a better adhesion performance, the process of rolling out of semi-products can use hot adhesion adhesive parts together.When Marine inflatable rubber fender is bonded at room temperature, solvent coating must be used to brush the adhesive surface to remove surface impurities and ensure the bonding effect.For poor adhesion properties of the adhesive material must be coated with adhesive before adhesion.

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