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Rubber fender economic development experience in various countries The United States
Aug 15, 2018


Strict legislative aid for underdeveloped areas

The United States first developed in the northeastern part of the Atlantic coast, then extended to the Great Lakes region in the north-central region, while the western and southeastern regions were underdeveloped for a long time. Until the "westward movement" and the 1930s economic crisis, the United States began to focus on the development of the southern region, so that the regional disparity of the United States economy has been narrowing, and eventually tended to balance.

The timely establishment and formation of the corresponding development system is a strong guarantee and foundation for the success of the United States in the process of developing backward areas and coordinating regional development. The United States has fully played the role of market regulation mechanism in the process of Western development, but the government's comprehensive intervention in rubber fender is also essential. The United States has mainly adopted the following policy measures:

1., formulate a strict legal system to protect and assist the development of underdeveloped areas. The United States government has placed the assistance of underdeveloped areas in the strict legislation, law enforcement and judicial process. First, legislation encourages land development. Two, legislation encourages immigrants. The three is legislation to solve outstanding contradictions.

2. take the measures of "actively subsidize and participate in management" to give priority to the development of transport, communications and other infrastructure.

3. the implementation of special payment transfer payment system.

4. fostering the capacity for self-development in the less developed areas is the core and implementing a number of preferential policies.

5. formulate policies to encourage capital flows to rubber fenders in underdeveloped areas.

6. set up a special development agency. Special development agencies, such as the Development Programme and the Economic Development Programme, have been set up to formulate the basic strategies to be followed in developing backward areas, including comprehensive strategies, pain relief strategies and eradication strategies.

7., direct use of administrative means to conduct moderate guidance and intervention.


Local decentralization policies mobilize local initiatives

After the 1960s, the French government began to implement a policy of decentralization to the local authorities, with some of the central powers devolved to regions and provinces. After the 1980s, the French government further decentralized power, implemented an autonomous management system, and expanded local autonomy. Each region could formulate development plans according to its own characteristics and needs, thus mobilizing local enthusiasm.

The French government has effectively coordinated the resource integration of regional economic development. First of all, through the establishment of corresponding central organs to coordinate the allocation of resources among government departments at all levels. The French rubber fender government established the General Planning Agency in the 1950s and began to implement the Five-Year Plan and the Medium-Term Plan. The role of the General Planning Agency is to promote and coordinate the formulation and implementation of government policies and to avoid conflicts among government departments at all levels. Second, coordinate the local development through the administrative region. In the administrative system of France, the central government is divided into various regions, which have jurisdiction over several provinces. The regions play a major role in coordinating the economic development of the provinces. Greater Paris is a highly concentrated region of economic resources in France. Administratively, different regions of the Greater Paris are subordinate to different provinces. Finally, through administrative measures and industry development planning to eliminate the obstacles of local administrative boundaries to the optimal allocation of resources.

With the continuous development of the economy and the enhancement of democratic consciousness, after the Second World War, the Japanese government carried out a more thorough simplification and decentralization to eliminate the centralization of power at the Tokyo pole and the resulting drawbacks. In 1947, the Japanese Constitution for the first time included provisions to protect the right to local autonomy, and the government also formulated the "Law on Local Autonomy", which laid the foundation for the system of local autonomy. In September 1952, local administration was simplified by amending the law of local autonomy. Decentralization of power is conducive to the autonomous decision-making of the cities in the metropolitan area of Tokyo, enabling them to highlight the differences in urban functions according to their respective geographical and historical characteristics, and to define the division of labor between rubber fenders and cities. Our company produces Super Cell rubber fender(Type SC), Super arch rubber fender(Type SA ), Semi-Circular  rubber fender, cylinder rubber fender(Type Y) and cones Rubber fender. Welcome new and old customers to come and buy.

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