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Rubber fender structure
Aug 14, 2018

 Usually rubber fenders can be divided into two categories according to their structure: solid rubber fenders (non-floating) and floating rubber fenders.

 Solid rubber fender (non-floating fender) is a kind of anti-collision equipment for Wharf ships with early application history and wide application range. According to the force condition of rubber fender, it can be divided into shear fender, rotary fender and compression fender, and solid rubber fender can be divided into D fender, cone fender, drum fender, fan fender, rectangular fender, cylindrical fender and so on.

 The floating rubber fender can float freely on the water surface, which can be divided into inflatable rubber fender and filled rubber fender according to the different buffer media inside.

The inflatable rubber fender uses compressed air as the medium and consumes energy by compressing air to do work.

 Foam filled fender is also known as solid polyurethane fender, the internal buffer medium is mainly closed-cell foaming materials, such as foamed EVA, foamed polyurethane and foamed rubber, etc.


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