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Rubber fender items to be tested
Oct 26, 2018

Generally, rubber fender can be divided into two types according to the structure: solid rubber fender and floating rubber fender.

Solid rubber fender is a kind of anti - collision equipment for ship in wharf with early application history and wide application range.According to the force of rubber fender, it can be divided into shear type, rotary type and compression type.According to the fender structure, solid rubber fender can be divided into drum type, D type, cone, fan-shaped, rectangular, cylindrical fender and so on.

The floating rubber fender can float freely on the water surface. It can be divided into the inflatable rubber fender and the filling rubber fender.

So what items need to be tested for rubber fender?Rubber fender installation factory to tell everyone.

Rubber fender main test items include: the tensile strength, tensile modulus, rubber/density, hardness, density, ductility, tensile properties, impact performance, avulsion (tear strength testing) compression performance (compression permanent deformation) adhesive strength, wear resistance, abrasion resistance) performance at low temperature can rebound elasticity, water absorption, gel content, the determination of Mooney viscosity of liquid resistance, thermal stability, shear stability, vulcanization curve, Mooney scorch time vulcanization characteristics test.

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