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Rubber fender design and flow chart
Dec 14, 2018

Rubber fender design and flow chart

Collection of Design Data

1.The selection of rubber fenders should first determine the following conditions

1)The effective berthing energy of a ship

2)The reaction force allowed against a ship structure

3)the surface pressure allowed by the ship's parapet; 

4)the position and area protected by the fender system

5) Natural environment (including wind, current and wave, etc.)

2. Required information

1) Types of ships: Ordinary cargo ships, oil tankers, container ships, bulk carriers, ferries, cruise ships and working ships, etc.;

2) Vessel weight: Total tonnage, load, drainage, etc. A kind of

3)Ship Length

4) Width of the ship

5) Height of the ship

6) draught depth of the ship

7) freeboard height

3. Mooring Buildings

1)bank wall type, trestle type, pile pier type, etc.

2) Structure: Pile type or gravity type

3) Height: Relative position of top deck (trestle bridge), high and low water levels, etc.

For existing wharfs, we should also know:.

4) Fender installation space at relative height to sea level_5) Horizontal force that a building can bear. Chinese style

4. Natural Conditions

1) Wind: Velocity and Direction

2) Flow: Velocity and Direction

3) Waves: Height, Period and Direction

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