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Rubber fender
Sep 11, 2018

    The spacing and elevation of the rubber fender arrangement is very important to ensure that the ship can not directly touch the dock bank wall at the most unfavorable berthing Angle permitted by the regulations, and that the ship can safely berthing at different tide levels and different draught, which has a strong adaptability to the ship berthing at different tonnage.

    When selecting and determining the fender arrangement scheme of the first, second and third stages of coal wharf, the berth stability conditions of different types of tonnage ships must be met.

    Solid rubber fender (non-floatation type) is a kind of anti-collision equipment for ships in quay with early application history and wide application range.According to the force of rubber fender, it can be divided into shear type, rotary type and compression type.According to the fender structure, solid rubber fender can be divided into D type, cone, drum type, fan, rectangle, cylindrical fender and so on.

    Rubber fender front is provided with anti-punching steel frame, which can greatly reduce the surface pressure acting on the ship's side board. As required, the surface pressure can be up to 25 tons/m 2, which is especially suitable for large ships to berthing.Before anti - punching steel frame installation PE laminate, reduce friction coefficient, so that berthing shear force greatly reduced.

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