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Quick release hook
Nov 01, 2018

Fast unmooring hook is a kind of special equipment which is installed on the dock and used for warping, mooring and unmooring of ships.The product reduces workers' labor intensity, improves labor efficiency, and enhances safety and reliability.It is widely used for fast and safe mooring and unmooring.The system can be equipped with remote control hydraulic uncabling system, which is equipped with anchor hook pin load monitoring, liquid crystal real-time display, overload sound-light alarm and other functions.

Characteristics of trip mechanism

1. The balance of the hook body is optimized by finite element analysis and calculation, with compact and reasonable structure and flexible operation.

2.The anchor hooks can be quickly untethered at full or empty load.

3.The manual release force of the release hook under full load is less than 15kg.

4.In the case of the cable, the locking mechanism is self-locked, and decoupling will not happen.

5.The front end of the hook is provided with an elastic cushion, and no spark is generated when the hook and the end of the hook are hit.

6.Each hook can operate independently, and the hook can rotate along parallel or vertical planes as required.

7.The hook design is suspended on the dock floor, and the hook does not touch the dock floor under any load.

8.An automatic resetting system enables the anchor hook to be reset automatically after uncabling.

Type and specification

According to the number of hooks: single hook, double hook, three hook, four hook, land hook

The unmooring hooks are divided into 30, 40, 60, 75, 100, 125, 150 and 200 tons according to the single hook pull.

According to the operating environment: explosion-proof hook and non-explosion-proof hook.

According to the tripping method: manual tripping and electric/electric hydraulic tripping hooks.

By winch with or without: no winch hook and winch hook.

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