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Physical Properties and Application Range of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Sheets
Jun 11, 2018

With regard to the outstanding properties and applications of UHMW-PE sheets, we specifically know how much we know. We all know that each product is used in more than one area, and it has applications in many fields. Then, with regard to the specific properties of the physical properties and application range of UHMW-PE sheets, we specifically understand how much it is. Let's elaborate on the following:

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet has outstanding impact resistance, stress crack resistance, high temperature creep resistance, low coefficient of friction, self-lubricity, excellent chemical resistance, fatigue resistance, noise damping, and resistance to nuclear radiation Sex etc. Use a temperature of 100 - 110 °C. Good cold resistance, can be used at -269 °C. The product with a density of 0.935 g/cm3 and a molecular weight of 2 million has a tensile strength at break of 40 MPa and an elongation at break of 350%. At present, with the development of its performance, it has been widely used in cold storage, ships, medicine, petrochemicals, electrical appliances and other industries.

With regard to the knowledge of UHMWPE sheet, we will analyze this for you today. If you do not understand what others are doing, please feel free to contact us. More information on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet will continue to be organized for everyone. Please contact us in time.

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