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Marine inflatable fender leakage repair method
Dec 22, 2018

Rubber is now a very common raw material in people's production and life. We can see some rubber products in many industries.Because the buoyancy of rubber products is very good, people will use rubber to make the ship's inflatable fender for use.However, when using the Marine inflatable fender, the damage of the Marine inflatable fender will be caused by some external factors. At this time, how to deal with it?

When the ship's inflatable fender is damaged and air leaks, we should find out the damaged position in time.Then, the ship's inflatable fender shall be deflated, and the positions that need to be repaired shall be placed in a flat position, and the damaged areas shall be polished smooth and clean. The range of polishing is best compared with the damaged areas, so as to avoid missing dark injuries.Find a place on the inflatable fender of the ship where the jack can be lifted.

After the deployment of a good mortar, and its uniform smear to the polished damage, the special three layers of adhesive curtain cloth, in line with the transverse cutting, and then in line with the damaged cracks in the vertical adhesion, compaction, and then cover the repair position above the mat cloth or paper.Heat the iron plate uniformly to 170 degrees Celsius, then press the iron plate over the air-filled fender of the ship covered with curtain cloth. It should be noted that the material used for repair shall not be larger than the size of the iron plate.After that, the jacks and iron plates can be removed. After making sure that the repaired materials are firmly pasted, the ship's inflatable fender can be reinflated for use.

When air leakage occurs in the Marine inflatable fender, it can be repaired in accordance with the above method, and the repaired Marine inflatable fender can be used normally without any impact.In the above article has been specific for you to introduce the detailed repair method, you have not been aware of it?Learn how to repair leaky Marine inflatable fender can avoid unnecessary waste.Our company produces the Marine inflatable fender size is very many, welcome everyone to come to choose.

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