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Maintenance of rubber fender at wharf
Aug 14, 2018

Take advantage of the ship's berthing space and the ebb and flow of the tide to repair.

This approach is suitable for small, low-volume heap - repair tasks.

Generally, the construction is carried out by the protection team of the loading and unloading company, and can be free from the constraint of outsourcing contract period, which does not affect the production and can control the construction in batches.

Cost savings of 1 to 2 times compared with outsourcing in terms of economic benefits.

For very heavy workload, messy construction and long cycle of repair tasks, the general package is appropriate.

Because this kind of project makes the equipment skill to use, needs to vacate the pier berth the time is longer.

Using this method, the company's plan and production scheduling are necessary through careful discussion and arrangement, according to the company's production capacity and production tasks at various terminals, total cooptation, balance, and some timely production.

Strengthen inspection and maintenance

The most basic approach to repair work is to pay attention to normal inspection and maintenance, and the fulfillment of this work is critical to reducing repair.

The company's quays are about to set up special personnel to take responsibility for the system, and strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the fender of the quay in the area of responsibility, so that some minor defects of the fender can be found in time, such as loose screws falling, bracket parts cracking, etc., and repair immediately, hindering the expansion of the damaged rubber ladder.

In the past, many fender damage, falling and not timely inspection and maintenance is very related.

With the continuous improvement of the professional skills of the rubber fender of the wharf, the fender of the wharf will be more and more adapted to the fast pace of loading and unloading.

So the question of type selection will continue.

In the same way, repair and maintenance problems, with the changes in port fender application types and the changes in the company's management system, it is also necessary to adopt different repair and management methods to constantly improve the repair quality and level of port fender.

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