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Main conditions for rubber fender selection
Aug 25, 2018

  The selection of rubber fender is mainly based on navigation conditions, ship tonnage, water level and speed etc.At present, more arched V type rubber fender is adopted. Although this fender has been used in a large number, the bridge pier is packed with a lot of materials. However, due to its low energy absorption, its surface is easy to scratch and damage, and easy to fall off and age.Time is long enough to have no protective effect at all.

It's not real.Can achieve good anti-collision results, cost savings should adopt super arch (SA type, the second generation product of V) combination type rubber fender, 2-5 only rubber fender (or more) by sharing a crash panel, anti-collision panel anchorage ultra-high molecular polyethylene plate (namely veneers uhmw-pe), composed of rubber fender anti-collision system can be set up in accordance with the pier a circle around the whole.So there's no dead center from any point.When the ship hits, the whole anti-collision plate is forced through the rubber fender of the rear to absorb energy.The combined anti-collision system is effective and can withstand the impact of large ships.Low cost greatly reduces the number of fenders and increases the service life of fenders.

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