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Large diameter flange dredging hose
Oct 18, 2018

    There are two main types of flange-type dredging hose: large-caliber flange-type dredging hose and steel-wire flange-type dredging hose.

    Flange type dredging hose is mainly used in cement bulk tank car, ship cement suction row dual use and so on. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance. For dredgers, the working pressure is 0.4-0.5Mpa. Flange joint can be provided according to design requirements.

    The outside diameter of the large diameter hose is between 200-860, and the outside diameter is about 200. The nominal inner diameter is about 205, the thickness of the inner glue layer is about 10, the outer diameter of the flange is about 320, the outer diameter of the flange is about t1, the thickness of the joint thread is 6 cm, and the center circle diameter is 280. The number is 8 and the diameter is 23.

    Large diameter steel wire hose is used for high pressure offshore oil pipeline to transport natural gas, oil and other media. The marine high pressure oil delivery hose consists of a wire wound skeleton layer and an internal and external oil resistant and corrosion resistant synthetic rubber.

    The specifications of the hose are 2sp-152-8, 2sp-203-8, 4sp-254-16, 4sp-305-16 and so on. The inner diameter is 152-305, and the outer diameter of the steel wire is 173-341. The outer diameter of the hose is 180-350. The maximum working pressure is 16MPa, the maximum detectable pressure is 32Mpa, and the maximum burst pressure is 48mpa.

    Flange-type dredging hose meets the needs of long-distance transmission of hydraulic oil in large coal mines, and has very good application and development prospects.

    Pressure of flange-type dredging hose: The specified working pressure of flange-type dredging hose is not less than the maximum system pressure. Normal high-pressure hose for oil drilling can only be used in rare cases. He only allowed an increase of 20%; frequent use of bending and twisting reduced by 40%. Temperature, fluid temperature and ambient temperature, both stable and transient, the recommended heat-resistant temperature of large diameter rubber hose should not exceed the limit temperature is higher or lower than the rubber hose, rubber hose can reduce performance, resulting in damage to rubber hose, resulting in leakage.

Fluid compatibility: The fluid of large caliber rubber hose should conform to the rule of "using" the product sample. The product characteristics of high pressure steel wire braided rubber hose should ensure the management and safety of life in the prescribed use.

    Connection end: because the nut connection is convenient, low cost is widely used, under the permissible conditions vibration is larger, should fully consider the nut tightening problem, to be connected with flange.

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