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Inspection standards for launching air bags for ships
Jan 03, 2019

For ships, the role of Marine launching air bag is very important. The Marine launching air bag used in the current shipping industry is made of rubber. With the development of the shipping industry, the rubber industry has become more and more widely used in the shipping industry.

Marine launching air bag is a typical example, in the ship before the use of Marine launching air bag is often to carry out some tests on it, in order to ensure that the use of Marine launching air bag has better performance, the specific inspection standards of Marine launching air bag are as follows.

1. Cord fabric: the tensile strength of the material properties of cord fabric should be at least 21kg(f), and this has been the minimum requirements, the current high load of Marine launching air bag cord fabric tensile strength has reached 31kg(f).

2. Rubber: from the appearance of rubber materials used in Marine launching air bags, the surface should be smooth, black, bright and elastic, without peeling, cracks and bubbles, and the appearance of heavy leather.

3. Process manufacturers: there should be dedicated molding and vulcanizing equipment and trained operators, each layer of curtain cloth should be compaction, no bubble impurities, vulcanization to master the temperature and time, not too sulfur and sulfur.

4. Air tightness: inflate the Marine launching air bag to the working pressure value, and the pressure drop shall not be more than 5% after one hour.

Soap the surface and watch for bubbles.

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