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How to identify the quality of polymer wear plates
Jun 11, 2018

Polymer wear plate, as the name implies, is a very wear-resistant polymer plate. Now due to the continuous economic development, the market demand for it is very large, so there are also many manufacturers, how should we identify polymer resistance? What is the quality of grinding plates? Let's take a look together.

The first point: to see the quality of the plastic wear-resistant plate made of wood, the recycling of old furniture wood, the type of different trees, will affect the coefficient of expansion of the plate and nail holding power, these two will also affect the relative plate Life expectancy.

The second point: whether the rubber is environmentally friendly, it is better to have glue than to have no glue. High temperature How much high pressure affects the density of the sheet, this will directly affect the life of the sheet.

The third point: using the same kind of fresh logs to crush into a certain length of crude fiber, after a high temperature and high pressure molding, there is no need to add artificial glue, the same kind of wood, expansion coefficient, holding nail force are the same, fresh wood and It is not natural rubber that waste furniture breaks wood. It is easier to increase the adhesion of wood, and environmental protection, high temperature and high pressure make the wood rigorously rigorous, withstand long-term deformation of the kitchen temperature and humidity, the longest life, and then wear resistant materials on the surface. After high-pressure edge molding.

The above content is to teach you how to distinguish the quality of polymer wear-resistant plate. If you are agonizing about the choice, I suggest you look at the above content, hoping to better help your choice.

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