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Fender Selection Tips
Jun 11, 2018

The mudguard of the car is the best in the original factory. Although it may be a little expensive, the quality is particularly good. No matter whether it is material or aesthetically pleasing, there are some fenders in the automobile factory that are free to send. Some of them require you to buy money, such as the public.

When choosing a car fender, the material must not be too hard, because the hard material is particularly brittle in the winter, and when driving, the mudguard will inevitably come across, so once it hits, it will crack It's particularly easy to be bad. Most garage shops nowadays have very few places for changing a fender. One purchase is a set, and they often change money.

The mounting holes of generally good quality fenders are all attached to the original car, that is, when the fender is installed, no additional holes are required. If the need for additional punching is nothing more than two points, first your fender is not regular, and second, fender quality is not guaranteed. Then there is a few holes in your front and rear bars. Why do you think? !

Fender is not your car's brand is a good fender, and now the production technology has been very powerful, and easily hit a mark is a breeze. For example, if your car is a Volkswagen car, there is an additional W mark on the fender, which is very easy to do.

Many people say that I don’t have fenders in my car. Oh, of course. But you have to know the role of fenders first. The first thing is to prevent the mud from raining, ah, ah, stone, throw it on your car and scratch your paint. Second, don't you feel that he is too bare with a fender-free car?

Many car fenders come with car accessories. If possible, the sales staff may be stuck for a while. In most cases, they can come out at no cost.

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