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Fender material
Jun 11, 2018

The fender material is divided into rubber, plastic, and paint. The price of plastic is low but because it is very hard, it is fragile. The paint fender is sprayed with paint on the basis of the plastic fender, and its quality is plastic. Fender-like, you can now see the online there are a lot of soft plastic material fenders in sales, its toughness is the focus of business creation. Of course, the beauty of it does not need to be mentioned, certainly adding to the overall image of his car.

Fender installation

Fenders are dedicated to the car. To be installed behind the tires, the original car screws can be used for installation and then reinforced with self-tapping screws. The installation is more convenient. Many fenders are printed with the wording of the installation position and can be quickly installed. The price is also appropriate, the general price in the thirty or forty, expensive more than about one hundred pieces.

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