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Fender disadvantages
Jun 11, 2018

Many owners of the car reflected that the overall appearance of the car was reduced after the fenders were installed. In particular, some cars with bright white colors may appear uncoordinated.

Secondly, the installation of fenders will reduce the height of the site, because the car's chassis itself is low, then it will affect the passing of the car, and then affect the overall performance of the car, if the car permeability is serious, hidden security risks, this is very important.

Then, because of the high clutch, it is easy to turn off the engine at the beginning of the refueling, and the tires with the stones thrown during driving are thrown into the front and rear baffles with great noise, and noise barriers need to be added.

In addition, if the vehicle is driving to a mountain road or a muddy road, the mudguard will become a scraper.

Finally, the fenders will affect the aerodynamic layout of the vehicle, creating wind resistance at high speeds, causing instability of the vehicle and increasing the noise of the site.

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