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Fender Advantages
Jun 11, 2018

Fenders can effectively protect the body and protect the body surface from scratching. This is undoubtedly true.

Fenders can work well in normal road conditions. Damage caused by the splash of small, hard objects, especially in rain and snow, can prevent mud splashes from not only protecting your car, but even slowing down. The resulting large splashes will also reduce the degree of spatter on the rear vehicle.

According to the owner’s hands-on tests, the fenders can not only reduce the number of car wash, but also reduce the number of touch-ups. Even if the owners want to wash their hands by themselves, it is easier to clean the body. Moreover, it can prevent mud from splashing on the tie rods and ball heads, leading to premature rusting.

Of course, it is very necessary to install mudguards if it is too late for the brakes to splash rain or snow on pedestrians.

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