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Classification and characteristics of fender protection
Aug 06, 2018

1. Cylinder type rubber fender:

Features low reaction force, low surface pressure, reasonable energy absorption;When berthing, strong adaptability to ship roll and pitch is not affected by ship size. It is convenient for installation and maintenance, especially for old wharf.

2. Semi-circular (D) rubber fender:

Features moderate reaction force, higher energy absorption than cylinder type;Easy installation;Due to the small size of the bottom width, it is especially suitable for the installation of frame wharf and ship side.

3. DO type rubber fender:

The characteristic of the reverse suction is higher than the type D fender.The installation strength and service life are much higher than D fender.It is suitable for frame wharf.

Arch type (V type) rubber fender: moderate reaction, high energy absorption;Strong installation and convenience;

Applicable to all kinds of wharves.

4. DA type rubber fender:

It has the characteristics of high energy absorption and low reaction force.Products with higher stress dispersion, long service life;The front plate can reduce the surface pressure.Complete specifications and various installation methods;Easy to replace.

5. drum rubber fender:

Features low reaction force, high energy absorption;Surface pressure below 25 tons/m 2;The mechanical properties of inclined compression decreased little.R type rubber fender: low reaction force and high energy absorption;Convenient installation;Generally suitable for large and medium-sized wharves.

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