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Causes of aging of ship fender
Aug 21, 2018

China has also formulated a series of national standards (GB) and ministerial standards (e.g.,JB, HGB, HC, etc.) for rubber and its general products in terms of physical, mechanical properties and other requirements, so as to unify the test methods.

However, no standard test method has been established for the determination of rubber shock absorbers and some of the performance parameters of the rubber materials used to manufacture them.

In order to adapt to the different needs in design, research, production and use, it is important for the rubber shock absorber and its materials to specify certain test contents and projects, determine appropriate test conditions and means, and specify necessary test methods and measures.

The ship fender is mainly made of rubber, which has good abrasion resistance and elasticity.

But there are also unavoidable disadvantages, which are aging easily in the air, becoming sticky in heat, swelling and dissolving easily in mineral oil or gasoline, and not resistant to strong acids.

Therefore, we should understand the cause of aging when using the ship's fender, so as to better maintain and extend the service life of the ship's fender.

One of the reasons to accelerate the aging of the ship's fender is that the rubber will become sticky when exposed to heat. Therefore, the rising temperature will activate the rubber fender and cause the thermal and oxygen aging of the fender.

Contact mineral oil and oil, such as gasoline, these substances will infiltrate into the rubber internal tone chemical reaction, leading to aging of the ship fender.

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