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Calculation of the thickness of the fender against the ball
Aug 24, 2018

Inflatable rubber fender on ball thickness calculation: in general 1.05 mm is the thickness of each layer of cord fabric lining rubber thickness is 2.8 mm outer rubber thickness is more than 3 mm diameter 2.5 by thick outer rubber ball, rubber products is an indispensable part of for Marine airbag, in the process of daily use, the storage of work to properly, if the storage is not appropriate, will affect its quality.

If there is air leakage in the core mold and sealing rubber peeling, it should be repaired timely, otherwise it will affect the use and affect the quality of prefabricated components.

The main method of repair is to use a grinding wheel or wood file at the repair place, coated with glue after film repair.

Special care should be taken to prevent the core mold from being punctured by nails, iron sheet, steel bar with sharp edges and hard objects. Meanwhile, the core mold should be protected in the welding process of locating stirrup.

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