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Basic properties of carbon black in rubber fender of ship
Oct 30, 2018

The basic properties of Marine rubber fender carbon black mainly include structure, particle size and surface properties.

1. The structure of Marine rubber fender carbon black refers to the form of carbon black.When carbon black is formed in the hot zone of incomplete combustion, the particles combine chemically to form a three-dimensional collective, which is the primary structure of carbon black.The primary structure of carbon black is not easily damaged during the rubber processing.When two or more aggregates due to van der Waals force are condensed into a loose structure, the secondary structure of carbon black.So the structure of carbon black includes primary structure and secondary structure.

2, Marine rubber fender carbon black particle size refers to the size of the primary particles in a single particles of carbon black or aggregate, average particle size of rubber with carbon black, generally between 11 ~ 500 nm, the carbon black particle size is smaller, or unit mass per unit volume, the total surface area of carbon black particles, that is, the greater the specific surface area of carbon black, carbon black and the greater the contact area of rubber.

3. The surface properties of Marine rubber fender carbon black include surface roughness and surface chemistry.Surface roughness refers to the micropores of carbon black particles with a few nanometers to several nanometers on the surface.

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