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About Super Cell Rubber Fenders Introduction
Jul 17, 2018

The rubber fender also known as rubber fender, it is installed on the wharf or ship to absorb the collision energy between the ship and the wharf or ship when berthing or mooring to protect the ship dock from damage.

Super Cell Rubber Fender is suitable for all the advanced equipment of ports and wharfs.

There are many advantages over other fenders:

1.In the compression fender series, the weight and energy absorption of SC fender units are high;

2.It is especially suitable for overseas wharves, especially pier piers;

3.Very suitable for large ships and offshore terminals;

4.PE panel is installed in front of the anti-impact steel frame to reduce the friction coefficient and greatly reduce the berthing shear;

5.Super Cell rubber fender structure has higher stress dispersion and longer service life.

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