• High Corrosion-Resistance Mooring Bollard

    Mooring Bollard In the maritime contexts in which the term originates, a bollard is either a wooden or iron post found as a deck-fitting on a ship or boat, and used to secure ropes for towing, mooring and other purposes; or its counterpart, a short wooden, iron or stone post...
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  • Mooring Bollard for Marine

    Mooring Bollard The mooring pillar is selected according to berth capacity and wharf structural type design, which can meet the requirements of safe, reliable and convenient operation such as berthing, berthing, shifting and head shifting.The mooring pillar consists of shell,...
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  • Used for Port Mooring Bollard

    Mooring Bollard According to the purpose, there are general mooring, storm mooring, test mooring, etc.The position of the center of the normal mooring pillar is generally about 0.5-0.8 meters away from the front line.Too far back will hinder loading and unloading machinery...
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  • Mooring Bollard with Professional Design

    Mooring Bollard In order not to hinder the operation of loading, unloading and transportation machinery, do not install storm bollards behind the docks, but increase the size of ordinary bollards so that they can also be used in high winds.
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